Adding a supplement to your horse can offer a solution in various situations. A supplement is always to supplement your daily diet and can never replace roughage and concentrates. Whether after strenuous exercise, surgery or a (long-term) illness; There are several reasons why horses may have an increased need for certain nutrients.

We are happy to help you with advice on the right nutrition and additional supplements.

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Price CHF70.00

Easy-to-use liquid for the support of the respiratory tract in general, during high speed athletic work and while suffering from shortness of breath. It gives a soothing effect on the airways and helps to free them.

Digest Boost

Price CHF71.57

Promotes and strengthens beneficial intestinal flora. The psyllium seed helps to out sand from the digestive system.

Ideal for horses with a sensitive digestive system.

Mood Control

Price CHF88.00

Extraordinary supplement on phytotherapy bases to reduce hormonal-based reactions of emotional, aggressive, anxious and hot horses.

Show Prep

Price CHF175.00

A very high quality supplement to stimulate muscle development, weight building and improves athletic performance. 

Ensures flexible muscle activity before and after intensive work.


Price CHF88.00

A unique formula of electrolytes, fast absorbing herbal nutrients, vitamin E, vitamin-B-complex, organic selenium yeasts to support intestinal balance after strong efforts, zinc and high dose of strong building blocks (aminoacids) to sooth the musculoskeletal discomfort and ensure optimal recovery!

E-Lytes Boost

Price CHF46.00

The complete compensation for the horse’s loss of electrolytes, in case of dehydration and/or intestinal and gastric imbalances through the heavy work load. It promotes a proper recovery.

Stomach Shield

Price CHF145.00

Innovative supplement containing different active ingredients with different modes of action, to keep the gastric pH neutral and thus protecting the stomach wall against irritation. 

Relax & Easy

Price CHF88.00

Dietetic feed for a calming and relaxing effect on nervous and ‘spooky’ horses in stressful situations. Relax & Easy has an innovative, complete and unique formula based on plants extracts, and developed by experts in the sector. 

Vita Force

Price CHF170.00

Extra complete balanced supplement containing MSM, yeasts, psyllium husks, minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, fatty acids and amino acids to obtain or improve the overall condition, body balance and vitality.

Arti Flex

Price CHF155.00

Extraordinary supplement to maintain strong bones, ligaments, tendons and keeping joints flexible.  Suitable for horses during the growth phase, horses at work, older horses, as well as preventively for sport horses. 

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