Horses and in particular competition horses are subject to external attacks from viruses, bacteria and parasites. 

These attacks have an impact on equine health as a whole and of course on their athletic performance.

Horses with strong immunity status are known to be less likely subject to injuries and allergies.

Especially in periods of fatigue and exertion, the body needs more specific nutrients. 

Consistent training, good conditioning and time to acclimatize can all help a horse maintain immunity at the necessary level. Optimal immunity is the best defense mechanism against viral infections. 

IMMUNO BOOST combines specific strong nutrients with immune-stimulant characteristics in high-grade biological compositions to cover the horse’s body needs. 

IMMUNO BOOST supports all aspects of the immune system in order to build up and maintain adequate immunity in a 100% natural and effective solution.


To strengthen overall immunity and thus limit the appearance of diseases. 

In all acute and chronic situations of reduced immunity.

It is useful during the seasonal coat-changing period and for recently imported horses. 

To support the form and good health of the aged horse.

As an extra support in recovery in horses that have had the Lyme infection Borreliosis.

It can also be used after a stressful period (for example competitions, training, transport, etc.).

Directions for use

Adult horse: 

Acute situations of reduced resistance (virus, a cold, …) /allergy attack: 25 ml / 0.88 fl oz twice a day for 5 days. After the disappearance of the complaint or after the period of unrest, continue with administration of this product for a few more days on maintenance dose of 25 ml / 0.88 fl oz per day.

Chronic disorder of reduced resistance: an initial dose of 25 ml / 0.88 fl oz twice a day for 2 days. Then cut back to normal dose of 25 ml / 0.88 fl oz once a day for 10 days, up till 21 days maximum.

Pony, foal: Administer half the dose of an adult horse. 

As a recovery after Lyme-disease: give one full bottle as a cure for support of the total immune system with a dose of 25 ml/0.88 fl oz per day, followed by one month pause and followed by another full bottle of IMMUNO BOOST with a dose of 25 ml/0.88 fl oz per day.

Maximum daily dose

In case of chronic symptoms, this product can be given for a longer period of time: every 2-3 months, a cure of 10-21 days is recommended. It is advisable to insert a one-week pause after every cure.


It is recommended to seek the advice of a veterinarian before use or before extending the period, especially in case of gestation and lactation.


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