Controlled behaviour contributes to better performance. 

The perfect control of too high temperament or the balancing of hormones is a very difficult and precise fact. Yet, with our own experiences at elite level in various disciplines, as a result of a lot of research and frequent tests, we were able to develop some innovative products.

Hormonal imbalance may lead to a reduced performance, irritability, and mood swings. Fear, lack of inner security and a strong urge to self-defense make a lot of horses “hot”. These horses are irritable and anxious, show abnormal sweating and block themselves.

MOOD CONTROL is a very high quality liquid supplement containing concentrated specific plant extracts with natural antioxidants for physical support and for regulating dominant emotions caused by hormonal imbalance such as aggression and anxiety in mares, geldings and stallions. It brings serenity to the horse.

Can be used during competitions 

Has no negative impact on performance


Used to take control of the difficult behaviours of mares, geldings and/or stallions. 

In mares in heat and prone to ovarian colic.

Nevertheless, it is very difficult to determine an overall dose for a product which has influence on the mood of the horse. 

Each horse is unique and therefore has individual needs. We recommend gradual testing for the correct dose for your horse.

Directions for use

Can be given during the meal, but for a reinforcing effect, preferably by syringe outside of the meal, directly into the horse’s mouth.

Adult horse: We recommend an initial starting dose of 25 ml twice a day at least 5 days prior to the sensitive period/situation. Then reduce to normal dosage.

Depending on the level of (hormonal) stress: 

Normal: 25 ml/ 0.88 fl oz per day.

Average-heavy: 25 ml / 0.88 fl oz twice a day can be continued for maximum 14 days. Then reduce to normal dosage.

Pony: half the dose of an adult horse.  

Duration of supplementation

In case of regular dosage it can be administered for longer term.

Maximum daily dose

75 ml / 2.64 fl oz per day per pony and 150 ml / 5.28 fl oz per adult horse per day.


This product should not be administered to pregnant mares!


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