• Monique Wenmeekers

    Founder - Directrice - Equine Nutritionist

    General Sales - Export - Formulations

    Riding horses from her five years old ... and still doing almost every day.

    Horses, sport and fashion are her way of life.

    Mother of Julian & Romée ... and lots of other animals of all difference sizes.

    Helping horses all over world as a international equine-nutritionist as from 2004. Preparing competition horses is her passion.

    She finds her challenge in developing an innovative, efficient and easy-to-use range of products based on natural ingredients combined with the best classical pharmacy, affordable for both professional and amateur riders.


    NL - EN - DE - FR

  • Angélique Wallyn

    Sales Belgium

    Jumping rider and dog lover.

    Likes networking, traveling, giving advice in all areas of equestrian sport.

    Mom of rotweiler Jimmy and horse Ebony.

    She is flexible, straightforward, calm and can ask her anything.

    She has good strategic and marketing insight.

    Also offers professional shaving service for all your animals!

    She will be happy to come to your home for general nutritional advice.


    NL - FR - EN - DE

  • Suzy Fletcher

    Sales Belgium

    Dressage rider and dog lover. 

    Loves networking, travelling, giving advice in all areas of equestrian sport.

    Mother of the three sons and her mare.

    Has been with Julian & Jones from 2014. She is flexible, straight forward, calm and you can ask her anything.

    She has a good strategic and marketing insight.

    Also runs her Horsify.be.

    She is happy to come to your home for general nutritional advice.


    EN - FR

  • Valeria Raineri

    General Sales Switzerland

    Everything around horses is her way of life. Helping in organization committee of her local riding club.

    Mother of several horses and a dog.

    Passionate about the nutritional basic for horses, fine tuned with supplements for years.

    She is always very pleased to help and will gladly come to your home for the appropriate nutritional advice. Going to trade shows with her means fun all day long.


    FR - IT

  • Stéphane Souveton

    Advice France

    State certified teacher. Ex-rider of the Cadre noir Saumur and the Garde Republicain France.

    A lot of experience in all areas of equestrian sport. Passionate about passing on this experience and knowledge to younger generations.



  • Melanie Dupont

    Logistics Europe

    First riding eventing, than dressage. Owner of horse rehabilitation and spa center Thalassa in Geluveld Belgium.

    Coaching, training and animals are her life.

    Mother of the dogs Hector, Calimero and Bifi.

    Has been with Julian & Jones from day one. She is flexible and can ask her anything. She has a solution for everything and always stays calm.

    She takes care of all transport from the warehouse in Belgium for all countries, except Switzerland.


    NL - EN

  • All General Supporters - Ambassadors - Horse riders

    Without them we are nowhere

    A big thank you to the people behind the scenes...

    Julian & Romée - Our biggest fans and event helpers, Mister F - Our legal, financial and strategic advisor and helping hand in all areas, Wim - Our second logistic support, Dirk & Jesus  - Our rocks for the Spanish market, NouNou - Our spread by mounth faster than the wind, Anna, Stephie, Martin, Hania, Kaido, Anikó, Lukas & Veronica, Antea ...


    NL - EN - FR - DE -IT - ES

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