A premium PH-neutral deep cleansing shampoo specially developed for horses with a white coat and tail. This shampoo has a deep cleaning effect and removes even the most stubborn urine, manure and grass stains and make white marks stand out. The. The shampoo is also suitable for getting the tail and mane of your horse silvery white again.

Due to the Swiss innovative ingredient AQUARICH®, a registered ingredient and owned by Rahn in Zürich, this shampoo gives your horse an exceptionally high gloss and a moisturising boost. 

A yellow glow is a thing of the past with this shampoo! For a quick fix we recommend the J&J SOS Spot Spray, this dry shampoo removes stains without having to wash.

Containing valuable vitamins: Provitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B6, pantothenic acid (B5), niacin and biotin.


This shampoo is not only suitable for white horses, but for all colors of skin, coat and hair. It has a slip-free and rich foam formula.


AQUARICH® is a unique moisturiser owing primarily to two key ingredients:

Black Oats (Avena strigosa)

An ancient cereal with natural water reservoirs such as polysaccharides and amino acids that support the skin’s own Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF). Improves the structure of the hair surface, makes it easier to comb and improves shine.

Plant-based lecithin from soybean (GMO-free)

Strengthens the lamellar lipid matrix of the epidermis. The transepidermal water loss is reduced. The skin is better protected against evaporation. 

The hair is coated in lecithin, protruding scales are sealed. The surface of the hair becomes clearly smoother.

Directions for use

The shampoo rinses quickly and easily and can be used diluted or undiluted. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

In case of eye contact: Rinse opened eye for several minutes under running water.


(ex-vivo study done by Rahn, Zürich)


Gloss Box test: Assessment of the gloss of horsehair strands by trained testers upon washing with AQUARICH® or reference.


Dark brown horsehair strands; Test shampoo with 1 %, 0.5 % or 0 % AQUARICH®(placebo); 3 washing cycles: Rinsing with water for 15 min, Washing with shampoo / placebo / without shampoo for 2 min; rinsing with water for 1 min; Drying overnight; direct comparison of  gloss of strands washed under four different conditions at six different arrangements  by 5 trained testers; Highest gloss: 1, lowest gloss: 4 


AQUARICH® significantly increases the gloss of horse hair. 

[Figure 20: AQUARICH® improves the gloss of animal hair. The gloss of untreated, placebo- treated, and AQUARICH®-treated horsehair was rated by direct comparison (four strands at a time) and by assigning ranks ranging from 1 = highest shine to 4 = lowest shine. Notably, untreated horsehair was rated with 3.7 on average and thus showed the lowest shine. AQUARICH®-treated hair, in stark contrast, showed the highest shine as it was rated with 1.9 (0.5 % AQUARICH®) and 2.0 (1 % AQUARICH®), respectively.

AQUARICH®-treated strands showed significantly higher gloss than placebo-treated strands. Mean values of 90 ratings per treatment are shown. The scale ranges from 1 = highest shine to 4 = lowest shine. 

Mean + SEM; * = p < 0.05; n = 90; Wilcoxon-signed-Rank-test.]

Perfectionist Shampoo - 500 ml

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