The strong combination of classic pharmaceutical ingredients from nutritherapy and phytotherapy

Phytotherapeutic preparations
are products that are always prepared from natural raw materials of plant origin. The medicinal (= medicinal) plants are dried, whereby the remaining extract is processed in a tablet, a gel or in alcoholic drops.

The products we offer in our supplements contain plant extracts guaranteeing a fixed amount of the main active ingredients. This is called standardization. Only standardization of a product guarantees an identical composition and concentration of plant substances. If a totum (= all components) of a plant is assumed, which is usually the case with our products, there is a good chance that an additional positive effect will be established. The secondary substances can ensure that the product is better absorbed or can guarantee greater stability (the plant has also provided it in nature).

In addition to a whole series of preparations based on plant extracts, the phytotherapy of our range also offers preparations (= food supplements) based on nutrients or nutrients. Nutritherapy assumes that a disease is caused by nutrient deficiencies. The most well-known nutrients are vitamins, trace elements (e.g. magnesium, selenium and zinc) and flavonoids.

Certain nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium also have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants will neutralize harmful free radicals in our tissues, which prevents aging and the risk of damage to tissues (cardiovascular disease, cancer). If the general state of health leaves something to be desired, due to a lack of a balanced and healthy diet, a therapy based on nutritional supplements can offer solace.

Nutritherapy therefore has a preventive and supportive effect, while phytotherapy focuses more on actual healing. 

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