A fresh plant-based cooling gel which is highly effective in soothing local discomforts and tissue stress due to exercise or bruising.

It contains a unique mixture of essential oils, among which Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Evergreen and Tea tree, which are known for their relaxing, cooling and soothing effect.

The oils have a positive influence on the blood circulation to relax sensitive muscles before training, but it will also help remove toxins more easily after intensive training. This way muscle stiffness can be prevented, swellings are reduced and faster recovery is obtained.

After applying, the gel will first have a pleasant cooling effect, after which it will start to feel warm.


Soothes and relieves locally:

  • Muscles, joints and tendons after heavy exercise, competition, transport
  • Bruises, injuries and swollen legs

Directions for use

Massage the gel daily after, or at least 1,5 hours before riding to loosen or relax sensitive muscles.

Apply twice daily for a faster recovery from sports injuries.

Because of the high amount of essential oils: an excessive use may cause hypersensitivity reactions. It is recommended not to use the gel under direct sunlight or to apply to places where the temperature can rise during work (for example under the saddle pad or boots).

Cool It Down - 500 ml

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